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Many of the photographs and their copyrights may be purchased. Reproductions may be purchased in both Fibre Archival Gallery or RC papers. All works are hand printed by the artist.


Phone : [604] 879-6569
Vancouver, B.C Canada

Taking photos of nothing since 1985

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black and white photos of main st. anywhere

On the Street : For years I've liked roaming the streets taking pictures. I usually do this in poor and working class neighbourhoods because that's where I feel most comfortable. I like the people who are on the fringe of society. The people who by choice or circumstance don't fit in with the normal 9 to 5 world......Gallery


27 high-key fine art black and white photos

High Key : This collection of images seems to be a bit harder to put a label on. It started out to be pictures which were very empty. I've always had an idea of taking a picture of nothing. The prairies or the ocean. I used to shoot a lot of high key images......Gallery


Fine Art Gallery of working Canadian waterfronts

Waterfront : I grew up as a city or town kid, but like every kid liked going to the beach. I was lucky that I got to see many different water fronts. When I moved to Vancouver my first discovery was the grain terminals. I spent my formative years on the prairies....... Gallery